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Your customers can create more customers

Where does the majority of your business come from?  Most small business owners would probably say “through word of mouth and referrals.” Referrals are the easiest way to get business and if you are not yet acquiring new customers using this method, here are 3 simple ways to do so:
1)Satisfy your customers
The first rule of generating customer referrals is quite basic: make your customer happy. You first need to provide a great product or service. Do not try to get customers who aren’t happy with you to give you referrals. First give them something they love.
2)Ask for referrals
The second and most obvious step is to ask. Most business owners ask some of their customers for referrals once or maybe twice. They don’t want to make it awkward after winning the business. There is power in asking. When you ask, you speak energy into existence because it requires action. [LA Marketing] If you are wondering ‘how’ to ask, asking can be done over the phone as a follow up, or via email or feedback forms. You could also use website landing pages or social media to collect data of the referral contacts.
3)Create incentives for referring
Referral Rock says, if you want to create a successful referral program, you have to carefully consider your incentives. What do your customers want, and how can you provide value to those who already love you, and those who might become customers soon?
Here are some tested referral programs that work:

  1. a) Discounts
  2. b) Credits (e.g. Uber model)
  3. c) Gift Cards
  4. d) Freebies (or Loyalty Points for freebies)
  5. e) Cash back

Based on your business marketing objectives and financial position, you should carefully select incentive programs that make the most sense for your brand.
Kickstart your referral program today!
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