Work from Home: 5 Business Ideas for Nigerian Housewives.

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Work from Home: 5 Business Ideas for Nigerian Housewives.

If you are a housewife and looking for a way to support your family by adding an extra source of income or want to keep yourself busy, then you’ll find these ideas interesting and start to make money in no time. I’m sure there are several other business ideas in case none of these catch your fancy.
1.      Smoothie Business
There are a lot of fruit combinations that your potential customers will fall in love with. Try as many combinations as possible and come up with major variants, not more than you can handle.
Study your environment and know your target market. I’m sure you will have supermarkets, schools, diners etc. that you can supply to and you can also cater for small parties and meetings too.
Pick a fun brand/variants name and logo. Make sure to purchase attractive packaging to complete the whole product outlook.
2.      Online Classes
You can make money by rendering online classes. There are so many people that want to learn e.g. make up, a new language, cooking, Gele tying, to play a musical instrument, etc. The list is endless so start any of the online classes of your choice depending on the skills you have.
You are sure going to need constant internet connection and either a website or a blog from which you can run your classes.
3.      Flower Nursery
So many people love flowers and they buy them and also give them out on special occasions. So if you love and know about growing flowers, you can start a flower garden and package and sell your exotic and rare flowers to flower lovers. Try supplying to flower lovers in your neighborhood and local stores/shops.
4.      Day Care Center
We have a lot of working mothers nowadays who are too busy to look after their toddlers and with the level of security in the country right now, the mothers are not willing to drop their kids with just anybody. So, from your house, you can start your very own day care center. Mothers will drop their kids off with you before heading on to their place of work. This job requires you to really love and be good with children.
5.      Blogging
Blogging is so in vogue right now. Most people would rather own and run a blog because it is so interactive and definitely comes with large followership. Another good thing about starting a Blog is that it is free of charge. Just create a niche for yourself and you will soon be making some reasonable income from adverts on your site.

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