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Will You Ever Remodel a Rented Apartment?

As a decorator, I usually get these vibes from prospective customers and i HATE to hear them:
“I can’t afford to do this in a rented apartment”,
“This is not my house so i have a limit to what i can do”
“When i buy my own house, i will really decorate”
And the list goes on…….
Landlords make it even more difficult by insisting on no structural changes and generally require that apartments be returned to their original condition with some allowances for wear and tear (caution fees as the case may be)
My advise: Focus on improving the aesthetic of your home (Bathroom, Kitchen, Living room, Bedrooms, etc) with a few statement accessories here and there that will increase your level of happiness and peace. Preferably, you can embark on updates that you can move along with you to another apartment or your own home. There is no point having a place that feels like a hospital. Here are five changes I would suggest you make in any rentals that will make the space feel like a home:
1. Paint or Paste: I find it shocking when people say that their landlord insist on them painting the house/rooms in a particular color. That’s crap! Hallelujah if that’s not your case! Go dramatic with colors on your walls or rather add some patterns to your living room or bedroom wall with a paste of beautifully designed wallpapers. The good news is, you can take them out or along when you are leaving! 
2. Create Statement Walls: Instead of making any structural changes on the walls and having to worry about patching them up when you are leaving, you can adorn your walls with statement artworks or heavy pieces like a large bookshelf or a mirror. That way, you create a wow look in your home!
 3. Light Up your world: With a few lamps, chandeliers and pendants here and there to liven things up. I am sure you would love to wake up to a beautiful world of fancy lights. This is easy to fix with the help of an electrician for a token fee and can be removed when you move out.
4. Dress up your windows.
Window treatments help spruce up a space no matter the limit around the home. Whatever you decide to use, either fabrics or faux blinds (you can easily patch up the holes when you are moving out).
5. Embrace your space: Unless you have the money to buy yourself a home that fits your taste but until then find happiness in that not-so ok apartment. Play great music, make your favorite smoothie, smile and laugh away. Make it your own space without worry and don’t wish for something else…..until it’s time to move.
Got some ideas to add to this list?

Nkem Offonabo
Nkem Offonabo
Nkem is the Founder/CEO, HomeWorth Interiors Concept Limited and Lead Editor, Crown Musings. A lifestyle blog community focused on helping others become the best version of themselves. She's passionate about decor, fashion, travel, wealth creation and empowerment. She believes that every individual is unique and has potentials for greatness if nurtured properly. She hopes to use her blog community to empower, encourage and transform lives and ultimately help people become the best version of themselves. Website: www.homeworthinteriors.com | Blog: www.crownmusings.com | Email: info@homeworthinteriors.com
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