To feed or not to feed in public? That is the question…

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To feed or not to feed in public? That is the question…

Let me start off by saying that I am not a mother (yet) and I am patiently and excitedly waiting until the day when motherhood comes knocking on my door. I am not a prudish person and consider myself to be quite liberal and open-minded, sometimes to a fault. But I must admit when I’m in public and a woman whips out her breast to feed her child I inwardly cringe. I am the biggest advocate as breast milk being the best source of nutrition for an infant. Shoot, I may be breastfeeding my kids even when they grow in a full set of teeth! But I do believe that breastfeeding should be done discreetly and tactfully in public.
This by no way means I find breastfeeding disgusting, just distasteful when in public. Even if I’m in a salon where it is only females around, I do not want to see your swollen breasts in my peripheral even if it to nurture your child. There are a million and one ways to breast feed in public without exposing yourself. There are breastfeeding cover-clothes on the market now-a-days or even an ordinary wrapper can be placed over the breast and the child during this intimate time.
The ladies I don’t understand at all are the ones that take it up a notch and breastfeed in heterogeneously mixed placed. If you want to breastfeed in a restaurant, an airport, a doctor’s office, then you will also have to deal with my piercing scowl and occasional grimaces.
But who knows, maybe I will change once I become a mother and join the rapidly growing group of women that feel it is their right to display their mammary glands to the world in the name of feeding their child.

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