The Value of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

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The Value of Leaving Your Comfort Zone

Is your comfort zone so amazing you cannot even think of leaving it? Leaving your comfort zone can seem extremely difficult. Due to the simplicity and ease of staying in your comfort zone , you find yourself constantly going round in circles around your comfort zone.
What do we do without our comfort zone? How do we even survive without our nicely crafted comfort zone? As I write this, I think about a friend of mine who seemed blissfully happy in his comfort zone. His comfort zone was his technical job.
All he believed in was his job. He practically worshiped his job. He lived for it. Everyday, he would wake up in the morning to go to work happy he had an opportunity to do his job. However, this happiness was not to last forever.
One day, the management of the company he worked with decided he should go into sales/business development. He was devastated. How on earth could he achieve this? All he knew and loved was his technical job and thinking of parting from it was ludicrous. The management team gave him an ultimatum; he would either accept the offer or be forced to resign. He had no choice but to accept the offer; after all, he had kids at home to feed.
He commenced the job and it seemed difficult at first but he kept at it. To the surprise of his colleagues and superiors, he began to close really good deals. Was this not shy John? How could he produce epic results like this?
After a while, his confidence grew and he informed his management team he had decided to start his own company. They were completely dazed; he handed in his resignation and left happily. Today, he is making millions in his company and is leveraging on the contacts he made while selling his previous company’s products and services.
Is leaving your comfort zone really a good thing? Can it always be classified as an epic experience? Nope. It is downright scary and many people would advise you not to venture into it. You could literally die. Was my friend at a risk of losing his job if he failed? Yes! Was it possible he would not succeed or have his life transformed positively? Yes!
However, leaving your comfort zone is an amazing experience.
People would tell you not to. Stay in the safe waters so you will not sink. I dare you to come out of your comfort zone and make a change in your life today.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Neale Donald Walsch

How do you survive leaving your comfort zone? How do you know when it is the right time for you to actually take that big step out of your comfort zone? You know you are ready when:
1) You feel tired of where you are
2) You feel you have been used to the point of no return
3) You know in your heart you are no longer growing
If you are no longer growing, you are dying. Not growing is that serious. How do you survive today in a terribly dynamic and cutthroat business environment? You survive it by leaving your comfort zone.
Take that big step now towards leaving your comfort zone. You would be a better person for it. So what exactly is the value of leaving your comfort zone?
1) You rise above your peers and learn new skills which would make you more marketable in your future.
2) You stay young and vibrant which helps you to survive in today’s dynamic business environment.
3) You find out that life exists outside your current line of work.
4) You discover things about yourself you never knew existed.
5) Your relationships are improved because you are happier and easier to work with.
Should you actually leave your comfort zone? What if you end up failing in the new endeavor you embark on? The truth is no matter what happens, you would have acquired new skills and new knowledge.
Do all you can to enjoy the process of leaving your comfort zone. You would be better for it if you do.
I’d love to hear from you. So my question to you today is:
How has leaving your comfort zone helped you in the past?
Leave a comment below to share your experience and your thoughts. Also share this post with your friends and followers.
Dedicated to your success.

Founder and CEO of My Savvy Mind
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