The Importance of Having a Mentor

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The Importance of Having a Mentor

If you study successful people in business, you will realize they mostly have something in common, which is a mentor. They confide in these people and learn from them during the tough times.
A mentor is one of the most valuable resources you can tap from as an entrepreneur. He or she is like a coach who is more experienced than you and is in a position that you desire to be.
Your business mentor should make the journey of starting your business easier with less fear of the unknown, as you must have learned from their wealth of knowledge.
Let’s highlight the importance of having a mentor:
A mentor will make you feel better when you get discouraged. He will boost your confidence when you are feeling low. Your family and friends can be a source of encouragement, but your mentor has been in your exact shoes before when it comes to business. He will reassure you by giving you his experiences and how he came out of a bad situation in business.
Reduce mistakes
Having a mentor will help you to avoid making mistakes common to your line of business. Mistakes in business can cost you so much, it may even be as bad as the folding up your business. You save yourself a lot time and resources by learning from the mistakes of your mentor.  Save yourself the stress of learning from your own mistakes. Your mentor has made a lot of mistakes which he will not want you to make because the last thing your mentor wants to see you do is fail.
Reduce weaknesses
A mentor is able to spot your weaknesses in the course of his mentoring relationship with you. He then starts to clip them off you so that they do not stand in the way of your business. You are not always going to like your mentor; their primary role is to give you ‘tough love’. Their secondary role is to be your friend; a friend that will not tolerate your weaknesses and take you as you are but eliminate your weaknesses and enhance your potentials. Your mentor will stretch you and bring out the best in you.
Reveal your strengths
So many people in business do not even know the extent they can go in business. They are held down with the mentality of mere survival. Your mentor will squeeze the juice of essence out of you; he will drill you and make you use your brain and expand your mind and thoughts. You have the ability to be whatever you want to be; you have a creative mind to help you develop useful products and churn out innovative ideas that can translate into millions of naira. All you need is the right mentor to guide you into success.
This is one of the most important roles of your mentor. He will tell you the truth. He will not tell you what you just want to hear, but what you need to hear. Like they say, the truth is always bitter but you need to take the corrections and criticism with grace. Lay aside your ego and know your mentor wants the best for you.

Pink Network Web Admin
Pink Network Web Admin
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    A mentor shows you that you don’t need to make mistakes of your own.

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