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The Beauty of Becoming – Enjoy The Journey!

Have you ever felt frustrated about not achieving your goals? You look around you; your peers have gone way ahead of you and they have become so successful in your eyes. Your life seems like you would never do anything significant.
I have been at this exact spot in my life and I realized something so simple that kept me through that frustrating time. Enjoy the journey! You might think “what on earth is she saying? There is absolutely nothing to enjoy about being downtrodden and beaten up by life”. Your life might seem too horrible to bear.
However, I have realized we are always so focused on the destination that we don’t understand we need to change within us to get there.  There is a certain beauty in becoming the person you are truly meant to be. The person you need to become is the one who can handle life when you meet your goals.
The Beauty of Time
Would you give a ten-year old boy a Rolls Royce to drive himself? Would you hand over a very difficult and critical task to an employee who just resumed in your organization today? Would you trust him immediately? You would definitely give some time before you can trust another person with critical activities. Trust takes time to build.
Time is a precious commodity we all have but we disregard it so easily. Time heals all wounds and helps to sort out the complexities in which we find ourselves. Time has a way of bridging the gap between the rich and the poor.
The difference between the rich and the poor is time.
The Beauty of Becoming
Enjoy the journey. You might not have gotten to where you want to get to in life. However, enjoy the journey on your way to your destination. Don’t be so focused on your goals that you don’t enjoy the person you are becoming.
Enjoy the person you are becoming on your way to your destination.
Through the pains and struggles of life, you will realize they create a mature and well-rounded person in you. Let life make you better and not bitter.
Enjoy The Journey
This might sound like a cliché. You might say you’ve heard it all before. Just close your eyes and breathe in deeply. It really does get better each day. Debasish Mridha emphasizes this in such a profound way:
“On your journey, you will find a wondrous station called life; relax and enjoy the hospitality and beauty”
Many professional and motivational speakers tell you to stay focused on your goals. I’m not saying you should not be laser focused on your goals. I am saying you should not get so caught up in the destination that you don’t enjoy yourself on the way there.
How do you truly enjoy the journey?
Is it even remotely impossible to be focused on your goals and at the same time enjoy the journey? The truth is you really need the person you will become to be able to fully enjoy your destination.
When you get to your destination, you will realize you have become someone you truly respect and admire. You would have become someone who can stand the test of time and teach other people how to succeed. There’s no point in being a success without a successor.
You need to be a leader and lead other people into their chosen destinations also. You need to be able to duplicate your success methods and help other people out of the seemingly darkness they are in.
So let’s go back to the question ‘how do you truly enjoy the journey?’. You just simply enjoy it. Yes! Enjoy every moment. The years might go by quickly but enjoy the moments of each day. Life is so much more fun when you do.
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