Ten Daily Habits of Highly Successful Women in Business

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Ten Daily Habits of Highly Successful Women in Business

Having been women in business coach for over seven years now, I have noticed certain patterns of success emerging. Successful Nigerian women in business have well-defined daily success habits. These habits have unconsciously become part of their daily routine and seem to be a major factor in business success. Here are ten daily habits successful businesswomen seem to share in common:

  1. Successful women in business set goals. They have long term, short term and daily goals. They know what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it and how they’re going to make their goals reality.
  2. Smart businesswomen have a carefully written plan of action. A goal is just a dream without a written plan. Successful women know what they want to accomplish each day, week, month, year and even five years from now. This plan of action is a well thought out blueprint for the future.
  3. Goal achieving begins one small step at a time. Successful women have daily to-do lists. They know how to break their plan of action into bite-sized pieces. These workable bite-sized pieces turn into daily lists of activities that take them closer toward their goals.
  4. A common trait among all profitable business owners is that they know how to keep the important things important. Success-oriented women cannot be easily distracted from achieving their goals. Their daily to-do lists are prioritized, making sure the important moneymaking activities are accomplished first.
  5. Visualizing the future as if it were already reality is a powerful success tool. Successful women in business see their future as fulfilling and productive. Profitable entrepreneurs talk about the future with optimism and confidence.
  6. Successful women manage time wisely. Women who own moneymaking businesses are in control of their time and don’t allow time to control them.
  7. Happy women entrepreneurs know when to rest, relax and rejuvenate. All work and no play leads to emotional and physical burnout. It’s important to take physical and mental health breaks during the workday.
  8. You can’t enjoy success if you aren’t healthy in mind, body and spirit. Successful women know it is important to eat healthy. A bag of chips and a soda is not a power lunch! Meditating, visualizing and affirming all seem to be part of the successful woman’s daily routine.
  9. Breathe! Smart businesswomen know what they can change and know how to make peace with what they cannot.
  10. Finally, one of the most powerful success habits is to regularly make time to sit back and appreciate your accomplishments. Successful women in business celebrate their victories, both the small and the large ones. Here’s final success tip: Enjoy your accomplishments because the more you appreciate, acknowledge and enjoy your day-to-day successes, the more successes you will have to enjoy!


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Pink Network Web Admin
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