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Surprising beauty tips and secrets.

•    Instead of waiting for your nail polish to dry, especially if you don’t have a fast-drying polish, dip your painted nails in a bowl of ice-cold water to help them dry faster.
•    Glittery nail polish looks a bit uneven kind so it works for quick “fix-it” nail situations. When a nail chips, instead of removing the polish and starting over, just slap on a coat of the glittery polish on top.
•    To turn your glossy polish to matte, hold your nails for three seconds over a pot of whatever food you’re boiling. The steam from the simmering food makes the glossy painted nails immediately matte and fabulous.
•    If your eye or lip pencils are really soft, leave them in the fridge for about an hour, then sharpen them to use. The harder the pencil is the longer lasting it will be and cause less waste.
•    Removing eye makeup is hard especially if you’re a fan of the smoky eye look. If you use makeup remover, after dousing a cotton pad with the remover, also add a bit of coconut oil and apply it to your eyes. This helps break up the makeup, so it slides off with more ease.
•    Before applying your mascara, place a call card behind your lashes to cover your lid. Starting at the roots, sweep the mascara all the way to the tip. You can really let the wand fly so it lengthens without making a mess. The mascara will just hit the card and your lashes will go from barely-there to full and thick.

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