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Rocking Dark Lipstick: 5 DOs & DON’Ts

Rocking dark lipstick is a new makeup trend sweeping the world. In fact dark is the new red! Women worldwide are ditching their sexy reds and cute pinks for fun, edgier and sexier dark lipsticks. I know for some of you the idea of rocking a dark lipstick colour may be daunting. Don’t worry I’ve got you covered, here are 5 DOs and DON’Ts to help you pull these looks off.

Scrub those lips – Use a toothbrush or lip scrub to get rid of dead skin on your lips. Nothing worse than chapped lips to ruin a great look. Heavy eyes – Remember you want to look cute not scary! So stay away from heavy colours on your eyes remember less is more.
Line your lip– Lining your lip will help you define the shape of your mouth before you put on the lipstick. Also dark lipsticks when not applied has the tendency to look messy and can be hard to clean up so a lined lip can also serve as a guide. Bright blush – Bright garish colours on your cheeks are a NO NO!!! Stay away from dark reds and bright pinks on your cheeks keep it simple stick to warm toned colours like peaches, bronzers and browns.
Keep it clean– Dark lipstick tends to draw a lot of attention to your lips and people may pick up any mistakes you may have made as a result. To avoids this after you’ve applied your lipstick use a small concealer brush or foundation in your colour to clean up any mistakes along your lip line. Undefined brows – Fill in those brows ladies or go get a wax or brow reshape. Dark lipstick can overpower your face, a great brow will help tone it down and add some dimension to your face.
Keep your eyes simple – Dark lipstick already draws enough attention so stay away from any bright or too dark colors on your eyes, remember less is always more. Try pairing your dark lipstick with a nice winged liner, natural colored eyeshadows or nothing but mascara. Messy makeup application- Remember you want to have simple clean look so a messy makeup application could ruin your look. Take your time applying your makeup, taking care to clean up any mistakes.
Perfect Base – Make sure to cover all the dark circles and blemishes on your face with some concealer and foundation. Dark lipsticks have the tendency to highlight them. A little contour and highlight will not hurt either it will bring definition to your face and add dimension. Stained teeth – Unfortunately this happens to the best of us whenever we wear dark lipstick. Be extra vigilant and make sure to wipe off any lipstick stains on your teeth.

If you have any questions follow @thepinknetwork on social media and throw a question my way! Also suggest a look you would like to see next week.

Tolu Fagbayi
Tolu Fagbayi
Tolu Fagbayi is our in house make up guru she has over 5 years professional makeup experience as well as a passion for all things beauty.
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