Read the 3 MUST have qualities for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

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Read the 3 MUST have qualities for Aspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

The business arena is highly competitive and demanding which makes it unattractive to most women. However, we have a lot of women out there who are doing very well in business. There are even a lot more women all over the country, who have the burning desire to start out and be their own bosses. They know they are loaded with ideas they are passionate about and ready to turn that, into a money making entity, but the issue is fear; fear of the unknown.
They will rather settle for that boring job with the meager salary or being a housewife, (for those married to very comfortable men). They are afraid of failure and always coming up with excuses and questions like:
• Will people like the product/service?
• I don’t have enough capital.
• What do I sell?
• I’m shy, how do I convince people to buy my product/service
• Will it be profitable? Will my profit in a month match my current salary?
• My standard of living will have to drop
• There is no guarantee this business will succeed, etc.
The list of excuses goes on and on. If you have ever questioned yourself or made similar comments to what we have above, you are afraid of starting your own business and stuck to your comfort zone.
You can be the woman you have always wanted to be – your own BOSS. Starting your business is not geophysics, and I mean it’s not that difficult but still requires proper planning and management.
As a woman going into business, the three basic qualities you need to enable you sell any product or service are:
A Positive Attitude
Having a positive attitude means, you cannot just give up when business gets tough and frustrating. You need a positive and persistent attitude to face and overcome challenges as they come. It’s not a sin to fail, so when you do, learn from the experience and move on as a better person. Do not be afraid of trying again and as you start the business, maintain your positive attitude by:
• Keep believing in your yourself and your business
• Speak positively about your business always.
• Do not hang around/ discuss your business with people who drain your energy with their negativity, (complaints, bad attitude, negative experiences, jealousy, etc.)
• Have someone in the same line of business, who is doing very well, that you can learn from and get encouragement, from time to time.
• Keep smiling
A positive Temperament
In the course of doing business, you will need to take a lot of insults and deal with irate customers, even the younger ones. Get ready for all of these and be prepared to deliver exceptional customer service at the end of the day. You need to grow some serious thick skin and be flexible; ready to mingle and sell to people with different values and beliefs. Receive criticism with grace and be a good listener. Every customer wants to be treated as a king or queen; make them feel special, massage their ego and see how they will keep rushing back to you.
Networking ability
In order to run a successful business, you will need to keep meeting people. You need to get comfortable talking about your business and the ideas you have. Go for strategic events; you never know who you will meet, that will take your business to the next level.
Use advertising and social media to get people to be aware of your business. If you do not see yourself doing any of this yourself, then you need to consider hiring someone who has great networking and follow up skills.
There are more qualities you need as a woman to succeed in business but these major three, will ensure you have a good start while you learn from your experiences.

Pink Network Web Admin
Pink Network Web Admin
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