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Pregnant and traveling.

I will say it is perfectly safe to travel while pregnant however you will need to put some planning/measures in place before you hit the road.
If you are pregnant and you are planning your summer trip, please note the following guidelines for your safety and that of your unborn child.
1. Consult your doctor:
Doctors say that you can travel in the middle of your pregnancy; you have passed that stage in pregnancy when most emergencies sometimes occur. Your doctor should be able to tell you if he has any medical concerns that might prevent you from traveling e.g. traveling to a region that requires you taking a vaccine that is not safe in pregnancy.
2. Know your prenatal appointment schedule:
Plan your travel to fall in-between two doctor’s appointment dates. You should never take any of the appointments/tests for granted because of a trip; you might be putting your life and your baby’s life in danger. After the tests, wait to get the results before you go on that trip. One of the test results may reveal that you need bed rest etc.
3. Take your medical records:
As you plan to leave, make a list of your doctor’s name and number, with other important information ( spouse’s name and number) you might need in case of an emergency. Please, always keep this in your hand bag
You will also need a copy of your medical file. This is very important in case you fall into labour in a foreign country. It will consist of your personal information, the history of your pregnancy and will provide instant information about you that might help doctors to make immediate medical decisions if the need arises.
You also need to get a hospital close to where you will be staying or get your doctor to refer you to a doctor in that area that will provide you with regular checkups; that’s if you plan to have an extended trip.
4. Pack all your medications:
Make sure you pack all your medications that will be needed for the trip. If you fail to pack any of them, you might not be able to purchase them in the country you are visiting. Do not decant your medicines from their original container for hygiene sake and it also helps to show that you are not using medication without proper prescription.

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