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Pink Amazon: Phyllis Okeke – MD/CEO, Zela Ventures International Ltd

Phyllis Okeke is the MD/CEO of Zela Ventures International Ltd (Zela Properties and Zela Consultants). Her 16 yrs of corporate and 8 yrs of entrepreneurial professional experience covers Banking, Technology, Diplomatic Service, Real Estate Project Management, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship & Management.
Founded in 2004, Zela Ltd fills the gap in Real Estate Project Development and Strategic Supply Management and supports exceptional companies seeking Supply Chain Management, Corporate Profile Upscaling, Managerial Investment Growth and Marketing Management.
Previously, she worked in Finance and Marketing roles in a Global Investment Bank’s Corporate and Retail Banking Departments covering Portfolio Management, Wealth Acquisition and Credit/Risk Growth Strategy and Client Relationships Management. She also worked as a Contract Monitor and Supervisor at Oil and Gas Upstream Firm, a Prefabrication Property Development Company and also as a Survey and Data Collation Information Dissemination/Seminar Facilitator at a Heath/Wellness Firm. Aside from her Internship as a National Diplomatic Protocol Officer, she also worked as the key profitability growth staff at an IT firm. She was also a Writer at a Print Media company and as a Broadcaster in a National Television Station.
As Part of Phyllis’ Passion and Commitment to building strong, healthy and wealthy communities through Youth and gender initiatives, she volunteers as a committee member and works with Nonprofit Organizations Such as NECA’s Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW), Daughters of Light Society (DoL AVMCC) and The Nigerian Red Cross in Family Economic Upliftment Programs, Projects that invest in Developing, Empowering Youths and Women; Upholding Family Moral Values, Sustainable Wealth Creation and Economic Stability, Nurturing Talent, Gender and Health Based Projects and Business Education.
She Consults (Market Pro) and Organizes Wealth Creation and Investment Events (The Wealth Forum) and assist clients in Buying, Selling and Investing in Real Estate of their Choice. She is a Combined Honors Graduate of Political Science/Sociology with a Postgraduate Degree in Public Relations/Advertising, Masters Degree in Management and courses attended in Consulting, Effective Communication, Finance, Banking, Accounting, Marketing/Selling Techniques, Real Estate, Project Management, Wealth Creation and Management, Investment Portfolio Building and Diversification and various organized and funded Entrepreneurship Trainings/ Workshops. She is a passionate Entrepreneur.

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