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Pack Light – It's a holiday.

When packing for that holiday, you need to be real with yourself. You have to carefully think of the items you need to pack and how to make them fit into your suitcase knowing you will be charged if your load weighs more what the airline permits, not to think of the stress of carrying a heavy hand luggage.
Learn how to light for your next trip below:
Use the right suitcase.
You need to know your airlines acceptable hand luggage dimension and most times this applies to local flights.
For your main suitcase, know what your baggage allowance is. You will normally be entitled to 2 boxes of 30kg each; this may be higher depending on flight class.
Use 4 –wheel hard case luggage when traveling; they are easy to move without any dragging or pushing. These types of boxes are definitely worth your money and you will thank your stars if you ever happen to be running late for a flight.
Create a Checklist
Making a checklist of things to pack for your trip will allow you to separate the things you really need from the things you think you might need.
Know exactly how many days you are spending, the amount of clothes you need and what necessary toiletries to pack; make sure you write them all down and pack accordingly.
The number of days should match the number of clothes packed, not more. If you will be able to wash your clothes on your trip, you can further reduce them.
Once you are done packing, zip up immediately and set the box aside so you are not tempted to load more into it.
Go Neutral
As women, we want to holiday in style which leads us to pack things we do not need. We want to pack a shoe for every top. Please pack your basics (jeans, blazer, shorts and skirts), in neutral colours and pair them with other flashy colours of tops. By doing this, every bottom does not have to have its own top piece.
Pack Ahead of Time
If you pack at the last minute before your trip, you will tend to over pack. You will not be able to critically analyze your essentials. Packing early enough, like a day before will prevent you from panicking that leads to stuffing of suitcases with unnecessary items.
Dress in Layers
Are you traveling to somewhere cold? Pack your thermal wears and thin sweaters. Wear the sweaters in layers instead of that thick winter jacket. If you insist on taking your winter jacket along with you, wear it for the trip instead of packing it in your suitcase.
Pack in Layers
Make sure to pack all your clothes first by rolling them to fill a layer of the box. After this, pack your bulky and irregular items on top of the first layer e.g. Shoes, toilet bag etc.  Make use of every space; like rolling a light t-shirt, ties, belts, socks etc. into a shoe.
Roll Clothing Items
You will be shocked at the space you will save by rolling your clothes instead of folding them.
Start by rolling the thicker materials first, followed by the lighter ones.

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