Matchmaking is one of the oldest ways to bring a couple together and it’s one of the ways that scare people the most. Most people think it’s a sign that you have given up on life and there is no hope for you. It gets worse when  an aunt or a concerned family member pitifully hook you up with someone with the hope at you should be walking  to the altar in a few months. If you refuse, you are considered as proud and unwilling to make your parents happy in their old age.
Matchmaking has been bastardized so much that some people would prefer to die alone than being introduced to   someone even when they really feel the need to meet someone new. I really feel your pain because most often   than not, it has left a bad taste in your mouth. Bad taste like horrible matches, a desperate date and constant   pressure from the match makers.
As the foremost Matchmaking Mistress in Nigeria, it is my duty to help you allay your fears on matchmaking. This  has become necessary because as a single, complete, available person you are missing out on a lot if you refuse to  be match made just because of one or two horrible experiences or tales that you must have heard.
Just before we go ahead, let’s talk about Matchmaking and who should engage in it.
Matchmaking originated long ago and it was very common amongst Indian people. In the Indian culture, you are betrothed to someone that you have never met in your life. In fact, the first time they meet each other is on their wedding day. These people meet each other and get married. Divorce was not an option in their culture way back, so we wouldn’t know if they were confined to live together or they were truly happy. However, that is not the main focus of my article today.
The point is Matchmaking has since evolved drastically from that period of time. People now understand the importance of introducing people to each other just so they can try out their compatibility and see if they can make things work. It is no longer a “Do or Die Affair”; it is now something that can be done with pleasure instead of pressure.
Who is Matchmaking for?
Matchmaking is meant for someone who is:
Single, available, whole and ready to walk down the aisle if things pan out. It is not meant for someone who wants to have fun and see how things go.
Open Minded about people and life. It is not meant for desperate people or someone who is narrow minded about dating.
Independent and who takes charge of his or her life. If you are still under your parent’s control especially in this side of the divide, matchmaking may not be for you because they might likely discourage and influence your choices.
Ready to mingle but hasn’t dated in a while. Some people due to the nature of their work or person, they haven’t met someone in a long while. Matchmaking presents the opportunity to meet people constantly which may end up in a Happily Ever After life.
Tired of being approached by people who don’t fit into their current level. They get approached or meet people who don’t match their status intellectually, spiritually, culturally, financially and so on. A Professional Matchmaker introduces you to people who are fit into your specifications. Click The Most Desired Single’s Course to know more.
Next is why you are afraid of Matchmaking. You are most likely afraid of Matchmaking because:
You are scared of what people  will say: Most of the time  you  may  not really   mind   matchmaking   but  you   are   scared of  what people  will say if they find  out  that   you  have  resulted  to matchmaking . Our society is a very conservative one   and our people are not used to such. More so, instead of trying to understand why you are doing what   you do, they judge you and condemn your actions. The truth is people will always condemn what they don’t understand. Even if they do understand, they would still go ahead to condemn it because that is what they do best. If you continue to live your life for people, you will never make any headway in life. Matchmaking is a means to an end, not an end in itself.
You are afraid you will meet Scammers or Dupes: The truth about this is that just like you meet someone at the mall, you befriend them, trust them blindly and they turn out to dupe you or hurt you is the same way that you can meet someone via matchmaking and they can turn out to be cheats. The risk is the same as when you meet someone on a neutral level. However, when you engage the services of a professional Matchmaker who knows her onions and has done her homework, the risk is mitigated. This is because the people are usually traceable.
You are scared of not meeting your best Match: This is also a very common fear because some people think that people who engage in Matchmaking are either low lives or very backward people. This is so wrong! It is one of the gravest mistakes that you can ever make. Rich, Smart, God Fearing, Humble and Good people also engage in matchmaking. You will be shocked that the dream man or woman that you have looked all around for is just waiting for you at the matchmaking platform. All you need is to engage a professional matchmaker who would match you based on your personality and professional tests. (The Most Desired Single’s Course)
You have had a Not so good experience previously: Maybe you have been match made before and you were not impressed. In fact, maybe you were traumatized by the person or the outcome. This is likely to happen if it was just done by someone who meant well but doesn’t understand the modalities of matchmaking, then you would most likely be traumatized. That is why you should hire the Matchmaking Mistress so that you can have a great experience with Matchmaking. Please click here (The Matchmaking Page).
I have dedicated this page every Thursday to shed more light on Matchmaking as an option for Marriage. Please make sure you subscribe to the email list so that you can get updates on new articles. Also, please enrol on The Most Desired Single’s Course to enjoy the benefits of Matchmaking.
By: Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds, Courtesy Woman of Rubies

Esther Ijewere – Kalejaiye is an enterprising social activist, youth advocate, Wife, Mother of two, Author, Columnist and the executive director of Rubies Ink Initiative for Women and Children - A social enterprise outfit devoted to youth advocacy, public relations and social enterprise solutions amongst others. -- Esther Ijewere - Kalejaiye is the Executive Director/Founder - Rubies Ink Initiative for Women and Children, Fellow, Vital Voices Global Leadership USA and Author of the bestselling "Rape Handbook" - "Breaking The Silence". She is also a Columnist and Founding Editor - Women of Rubies. The Creative Director - Rubies Ink Media W - Tw- @estherijewere @womenofrubies @walk_rapeng @rubiesinkinkmedia
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