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Living Deliberately | 10 Ways To Live an Intentional Life

I welcome YOU to 2017
I know it’s late but hey, Happy New Year!
I was reading through a Facebook Group, Young Moms Forum and came across a picture meme by the founder, Vivian Sonny and it reads – “Success does not happen by accident. It is something you need to create and make it work deliberately”. She went further to write the below message:

Successful Relationship/Friendship does not happen by accident.
Successful Marriage does not happen by accident.
Successful Child does not happen by accident.
Successful Business/Career does not happen by accident.
“SUCCESS” is a Noun, that needs a Verb, “HARD WORK” to achieve.
It MUST be done DELIBERATELY. You MUST put Conscious Effort to make it Work.
– Vivian Sonny

After processing her message, I came up with these ten (10) essential ways that can help you live consciously and intentionally without letting circumstances choose life for you, just in case someone out there is overwhelmed on how to kick-start the year.
1. Dream BIG, with the capacity to achieve
Kids are known to have such great fantasies and imaginations that grow like wildfire. Most of what we’ve become today were a product of our dreams, the divine workings of God and a makeup of reaching out for the impossible. Fantasies aren’t for kids alone, adults are allowed to indulge themselves except that we let the “fear of unknown” keep us from reaching for the stars. This year, determine to revive the child in YOU and allow your imagination to grow wild. However, if you need this year to be an extraordinary one, you will need more than your BIG dreams but the capacity to pursue them, follow through the plan and achieve great feat. You can become all that you set out to be, It’s all in your hands.
2. Commit your ways to God
I am a strong believer of the God-factor in orchestration of life events. His inspiration and guidance can never be questioned, every other counsel or inspiration receive from associates or colleagues are measured in line with God’s. So this year, I charge you to prayerfully align your dreams, aspirations and desires with God’s purpose for your life, backed up with confirmation from His words (the scriptures) and a resolve to obey and follow His instructions, then the world is yours to conquer.
3. Stop wasting precious time
Time management is an essential tool in managing self toward a meaningful, productive life. Once you have the conviction that your dreams, aspirations and desires are in line with God’s, then it’s time to hit the road running, armed with clear timelines. There is nothing like ‘Free Time’ anymore, our time on earth is limited and each second counts so, really make IT count. Even when it’s spent relaxing with friends or just watching the clouds go by, ensure that the results of this time spent are positive and beneficial otherwise, you really need to re-think the way you relax. I recommend reading a book in your spare time or reviewing your ‘to-do’ list or goals. Time wasted can never be recovered.
4. De-clutter your life
Declutter – Your life needs it. Your circle needs it. I would say, start with a ‘personalised’ health and fitness plan that will really push you to get stronger and healthier. When I say personalised, you will need to find out what works for you but the key is to consistently purge your mind and body of clutters that clouds your well-being. If you aren’t getting any kind of workout, well, then, START. Exercise is one of the best fuels for motivation. It cleanses our body of wastes and toxins, without it we are putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage. Cultivate and build stronger, healthier relationships but most importantly, cleanse your circle of toxic persons that drains you rather than add value to your life and commitments.
5. Genuinely help others
There’s no question that we, as human beings, should help one another. This is a given. But if we aren’t actively doing so, we will not have a choice in how we want to help. This is a common area where our society doesn’t live deliberately. We just do our own thing and then hope to be in the right mindset when a need comes our way. This is often a cause for frustration.
The fact of the matter is: we are not always ready to help. Maybe our health is bad or we’ve been overworked and just don’t have the energy. Do yourself a favor and actively help others when YOU are in your best condition. You will be more helpful to the receiving party and will enjoy the process much more. Love makes the world go round.
6. Never stop learning
Learning has gone beyond the four walls of a school or academic building. There are loads of free information and materials in the online space; Google, YouTube, Online courses or eBooks, etc that you can offer yourself in exchange for growth. There isn’t any field of interest of which you cannot find a resource both online and offline; Nedoux Sewing Club holds a monthly workshop for beginners who wish to acquire DIY sewing skills in a social setting, O2 Academy Lagos provides you with hands-on creative and branding skills while Book Writing Clinic will help you realise your dream of becoming a published author. The list is endlessly, so are your opportunities for learning.
Show me a man who isn’t afraid to fail, I will show you one who never stops learning – click to Tweet
7. Add value
Whether it’s creating job opportunities or a platform for others to discover and contribute their passion for the good of the global society. Brands and Businesses that will grow substantially in value are those that exist beyond financial profit and those that have embraced a shared value-creation strategy through a carefully planned social or community development initiatives vis-a-vis Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Energizing Lives Foundation was specifically borne for this purpose and is committed to a social mission of raising global influencers from among the less privileged in the society.
8. Eat healthy
There’s so much myths and misconceptions about healthy eating, plus unsolicited advice from qualified and unqualified dietitians. Whichever diet plan you choose to live with, it’s important to note that how the food makes you feel is what matters the most. So choose the diet that is right for you and that which promotes good, clean, consistent energy and all round health. Studies suggest that diet is one of the important contributors to longevity and a healthy life.
9. Create time for rest and leisure
I strongly believe that everyone has the right to take time off of work and/or school so that they can rest properly. This could mean a couple different things; for one, most people that apply this to their job would say it’s “paid time-off.” Although people would still love a break just to relax, most people don’t want to take time off of work and not be getting an income. In a school setting, I see this as students getting a break mid-semester, between semesters, and other 1-2 day breaks here and there as well. We all need “me-time.” If you don’t get any personal time, life can become very overwhelming and stressful. From experience, these feelings can also lead to burnout which could then lead to you not putting as much effort into your work. Physical and mental health are so important for your body.
10. Capture every moment
Whether it’s by keeping a journal, writing on a blog or creating photo albums, life’s precious moments shouldn’t go uncaptured. It is a good feeling when you relive your life through these memories or get to share them with loved ones. I still do keep journals (mostly of things I do not want to be shared with the public) likewise, going through my old blog posts and doing a review of the year (you can see my 2016 in review here) helps me see how far I have come and serves as a reminder that indeed, life happens.
Trust me! You can look back at the year with fulfillment if you consciously pursue your dreams with every intention of attaining them. Whether it’s loosing a pound, starting your own business or just becoming the best version of YOU, your only hindrance is you. You may not have total control of what life throws at you, but if you’re not deliberately living your life, you are just handing the keys over to someone else. I pray we all have ground-breaking achievement(s) by the end of the year. As for me I have decided “2017 will be a year of relevance, enlargement and extraordinary achievement“.

Nkem Offonabo
Nkem Offonabo
Nkem is the Founder/CEO, HomeWorth Interiors Concept Limited and Lead Editor, Crown Musings. A lifestyle blog community focused on helping others become the best version of themselves. She's passionate about decor, fashion, travel, wealth creation and empowerment. She believes that every individual is unique and has potentials for greatness if nurtured properly. She hopes to use her blog community to empower, encourage and transform lives and ultimately help people become the best version of themselves. Website: | Blog: | Email:
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