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Keystone Bank Cards – Convenience and reliability #PinkSummer

Are you going abroad on holiday this summer?
•    Experience the flexibility and security of Keystone Bank Cards
•    Enjoy direct access to your Domiciliary, Savings and Current account
•    Spend in the currency of the country you visit
VISA CREDIT CARD – It is denominated in USD, EUR and GBP
•Professional & Student Membership Subscriptions
•Payment of School Fees, Online Exams & Accommodation Fees Abroad
•Payment of Hotel Reservations Online
•Ticket Purchase – Airline, Train, Travel Card, Car Rental Etc.
•Payment of Pilgrimage expenses
•Medical Bills Payment Abroad
• Allowance Card for Students Schooling Abroad
•Per Diem management for corporate organizations
•Online shopping
•Purchase from retail stores abroad
•International Journals, Magazines and Book subscriptions
•    It is Chip and PIN complaint. It is protected by the most
•    secure technology for card transactions-a microchip embedded in the card coupled with a four digit PIN exclusively known to you
•    It suits your life style & business
•    It saves you time of sourcing Forex
•    Convenient and quick access to funds from ATMs with The InterSwitch and MasterCard logo
•    Card validity is for two years
•    It is safer than cash
•    Audit trail of all transactions via printed statements
•    It is a local debit card that can be used anywhere in the world
•    It is strictly Nigerian (NGN) – no dollar required
This is a proprietary Card issued by Keystone Bank which is directly  linked to customers account including corporates  customers to enable them have access to their funds 24/7
•    Easy access to funds 24/7
•    It is widely acceptable
•    It is secured with chip and pin for enhanced security
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