Jump Start your business now!! Begin with ALIEXPRESS.

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Jump Start your business now!! Begin with ALIEXPRESS.

The Alibaba Group was founded in 1999 by 18 people led by Jack Ma, a former English teacher from Hangzhou, China. The founders started the company to expand and feature small businesses.
Internet has played a major role to help provide an enabling platform for the small businesses in China to grow and compete effectively in the global economic space.
Aliexpress, which is under the Alibaba Group, is an online and mobile marketplace which deals in retail and wholesale trade. They provide the technology and services that enable consumers, merchants, and other participants from all over the world, to trade easily.
If you are thinking of starting a business and confused about how and where to get your merchandise, aliexpress.com is the site for you. You can start your business with as low as N10,000 or even less, depending on what you want to sell.
Let’s check out the highlights of this online marketplace:
•    A wide selection of products with over 40 categories to shop from with easy navigation. The categories are:
– Women’s Clothing
– Men’s Clothing
– Phones & Accessories
– Computer & Office
– Consumer Electronics
– Jewelry & Watches
– Home & Garden
– Bags & Shoes
– Toys, Kids & Baby
– Sports & Outdoors
– Health & Beauty
– Automobiles & Motorcycles
– Home Improvement
•    They have the best value online, with unbeatable prices and free shipping on almost all the products.
•    Secure and easy online payment accepting MasterCard, Visa, Alipay and others.
•    Buyer’s protection is guaranteed until satisfactory delivery and full refund if goods are not as described or not delivered.
•    Fast shipping to Nigeria with other express delivery options available.
•    You are able to chat directly with a seller and discuss discounts and specifications.
How to get started:
•    Visit the website, www.aliexpress.com and click on join to open an account
•    Browse through the categories and find your product of interest
•    Make your payments online with any of your bank cards
•    Wait for your goods to get delivered to your doorstep
Tips for shopping on Aliexpress:
•    Coupons:
Shop at stores offering coupons(a voucher entitling the holder to a discount off a particular product). You get a certain amount off when you spend a stipulated amount in a store. This will help to reduce the cost price of your goods and increase your profit margin.
•    Deals/sales:
These are good price slashes on products provided by certain stores at a particular time; they usually run for a period of time. So, cease the opportunity to shop from your favorite stores at discounted prices.
•    Free shipping:
Try as much as possible to buy items with free shipping or very cheap shipping cost; they reduce the final cost of the item at the end.
•    Reviews:
A lot of people all over the world have bought the same product you are about to buy so they can answer all the questions you might be asking in your head as you cannot physically see and feel the product. Reading the reviews from other buyers will tell you about:
–    The attitude of the seller
–    The quality of the product, sometimes with pictures
–    Delivery time
Don’t ever buy any item without going through its reviews.
•    Size chart/measurements/material:
When it comes to fashion items and other items that have dimensions, please always check the size/measurement chart on the item page. For example:
–    Clothes: check the measurement attached to each size
–    Shoes: check the US size guide
–    Hair: check the weight (grams) of each piece or lot(bundle), 300g is ok for a full head
–    Bags: check the dimensions; width, breath and length
–    Fabric: check the number of yards per lot
–    Others: check colours, material as desired.
•    Wish list:
Use the wish list to save the items you are not ready to purchase immediately. Also, save items that you cannot afford immediately in your wish list and you will be notified when that particular item is on sale.
•    Mobile application:
Download the Aliexpress mobile app and enjoy discounts. Most items are cheaper when you buy them with the app than the computer.
•    Delivery and Disputes:
Your goods will be delivered to the address you registered when opening the account. If you are not satisfied with the product or you do not receive the item after the specified period, you are free to open a dispute against the seller and you can get full refund in a few days.
You will also get better with shopping on the site with time. So, be your own boss and start your business today.

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Pink Network Web Admin
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