Job Interview Tips – How to explain that weird job on your CV.

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Job Interview Tips – How to explain that weird job on your CV.

Are you going for a job interview and worried about that weird job on your CV? Are you thinking of the explanation to give for taking up a role that is totally unrelated to your career path? If your answer is YES, then know that it makes more sense to have that weird job on your CV, than to stay idle, waiting for your dream job, thereby creating a huge gap on your CV.
So instead of taking the job down from your CV, have this at the back of your mind to help you explain the role to your interviewer:
•    Explain to the interviewer that at the same time as you were seeking for the right job, you took up the work to keep moving. I am sure the interviewer will respect your sincerity and the willingness to learn something new.
Here are some genuine points to defend that weird role on your CV:
•    Acquiring New Skills
Irrespective of the role you worked in, you would have acquired and improved some skills that would be beneficial to your future positions.  Point out to your interviewer that in as much as the role was not something you wanted to do long-term; it helped you build and sharpen certain skills. Make sure to give details of the skills you acquired in the role.
•    Getting Experience
You will end up getting experience on whichever job you decide to take. Support this point by highlighting to the interviewer some significant experiences from your weird job that would be useful to the role you are being interviewed for. Focus on soft skills acquired and trainings undertaken as these are the best ways of explaining this point in order to be viewed as being positive by the interviewer.
•    Accomplishments
Mention all the accomplishments you got during the weird role. It will make the interviewer know that you are teachable, focused and will thrive in whatever role you find yourself.

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