How to Use Procrastination to Your Advantage

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How to Use Procrastination to Your Advantage

Procrastination is a word you should never utter in a job interview. When asked ‘what is your greatest weakness?’, never utter the word procrastination. But how can you actually use procrastination? Is it possible for procrastination to be used to your advantage?
If we want to be honest with ourselves, even if we don’t use the word ‘procrastinate’ in the job interview as our greatest weakness, we all procrastinate. I am also very guilty of this weakness. I tell myself I will get something done at a particular time and I don’t get around to doing it until much later on.
Is there any way we can use procrastination to our advantage? With all the disadvantages of procrastination, can anything good come out of this dreaded word? I usually ask myself this question. What do we do with procrastination?
For many years procrastination has been labelled as a setback. However, in order to move forward, we cannot continue to beat ourselves up over procrastinating. Every time, you ask yourself why you procrastinate. Why do I procrastinate? Let us explore how you can use procrastination to your advantage so you stop beating yourself up all the time. A merry heart does everyone some good so the less you beat yourself up, the better for you and everyone around you.

Procrastination can be used to improve your creativity

Have you ever tried to meet a deadline and you just could not meet it no matter how hard you tried? For example, you are a web designer and you need to send in the work to the client in two days. You try so hard but to no avail. You planned to complete the job a day before so you could impress your client but this wasn’t possible. What if you actually procrastinated and stayed away from it for a day or two? This would help you to clear your head and refresh your creativity.
I have had times in my life when I procrastinated; there was just no inspiration and when I come back to it, I see it in a whole new light. This strategy has helped me so many times. When you give a timeline for a job to a client, rather than giving the exact time it would take you to complete the job, add a few more days or weeks to the duration depending on the time tolerance of your client. Leave room for the days your creativity might not be amazing.

Procrastination can be used to get rid of unnecessary tasks

You always have long to-do lists and you find yourself at the end of the day not ticking off so many tasks. This means you procrastinate on most of your tasks. Rather than procrastinating on those tasks, use procrastination to your advantage. Do a critical and honest assessment of your tasks and postpone the tasks which are not urgent or preferably delegate these tasks to someone else.
It is better to have a short and precise to-do list with the tasks which are absolutely necessary to the fulfillment of your goals than to have a long to-do list you never achieve completely which would make you appear not serious to your colleagues/business partner.

Procrastination can be used to improve your health

I know right now you are wondering how on earth procrastination can improve your health but think about it. How many times have you worked to meet deadlines and ended up in the hospital or had to stay home because you were ill? Studies have shown us that most of the health issues we have are stress-related. Stress seems to increase the risk of having health issues such as depression, asthma, diabetes, headaches and heart disease. You get the adrenaline rush when you work with deadlines especially when you meet these deadlines.
However, when you do this constantly, it takes a toll on your health. Rather than constantly working with deadlines, try procrastinating for a bit. It would do wonders for your health. You would relax more and produce outstanding results because your creativity and health has been improved.

Procrastination can be used to get you your desired promotion

Let’s say you are used to speaking when spoken to. Try procrastinating the next time you really have something to say to your boss or you want to say something in the meeting. Think deeply and listen carefully before you speak. Taking your time before you speak with your boss on a pressing issue would make you end up saying the right thing. It could also help you get noticed in front of your boss and your colleagues.

Look before you leap.

I know procrastination is usually seen as a negative word or a word which should not be uttered. However, if you think about these ways in which you can use procrastination to your advantage, you would see it is just a matter of perspective. Is the glass half empty or half full? Use procrastination to your advantage today.
It is a word which exists in all of us and the earlier we learn to use it to our advantage, the better we would be for it. Rather than worrying constantly and getting upset because we procrastinated on a task, see procrastination from a positive angle. The more you see it positively, the more it would work to your advantage.
I would love to read your thoughts on procrastination. What is procrastination to you? How have you used procrastination to your advantage in the past? Please leave your comments in the comments section. Also like and share this article with your friends.
Dedicated to your success,

Founder and CEO of My Savvy Mind
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