How to Make a Good Sales Pitch.

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How to Make a Good Sales Pitch.

For any small business owner, know that there are opportunities all around you every day. The main challenge most sales people have is knowing how to handle the business opportunities around and how to win them.
As a sales person, you must know how to swiftly and effectively tell your customer/client what your company does. This is also called a SALES PITCH. So the main goal and marketing tool of a sales person is to make his sales pitch short and sleek. E.g., introducing yourself and stating what your company does within the time it takes you to ride in an elevator from the top floor to the ground floor.
In the course of doing business every day, you have to be ready to meet potential clients that may present business opportunities that will then require your sales pitch. So, it is of great importance to be prepared.
The core essentials of your sales pitch are simple:
–    Who: The company name?
–    What:  what products or services does your company provide?
–    Unique selling proposition: what does the customer gain from buying your product? What differentiates you from your competitors?
Below are the vital elements for an effective sales pitch.
This is the first stage in creating your marketing tool.  You must be able to communicate your message in approximately 30 seconds. Even when you are tempted to speak for longer, please don’t.  Pass your message within the required time or miss the opportunity.
Create your sales pitch by writing down what you intend to say until it answers the core questions above to suit you. Always remember, what’s in it for the customer as that is your selling point. Intend to make a personal connection with your customer instead of boring them while speaking jargons.
Once you have written your sales pitch, you will need to practice. Continue to practice and you will get more comfortable. Let it sound very natural rather than crammed.  Practice in front of your friends and colleagues and take their feedback. Keep in mind you have 30 seconds to deliver knowing people can still form an impression in 3 seconds so, look sharp and confident. Let your words and body language work together.

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