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How To Leverage Your Passion for Massive Growth

Understanding how to leverage your passion is extremely important. The desire to find one’s passion is something every human being on the face of this planet has. At the beginning of this year or towards the end of last year, you probably did a bit of soul searching to find out what you really want to do with your life.
You would have asked yourself if the job you are currently doing is what you plan to do with the rest of your life. For some people, you have decided to quit your job before the end of this year in order to pursue your passion fully. For other people, you feel stuck in a dead end job and you feel more frustrated because you don’t know the next step.
Discover Your Passion
You need to discover what you are passionate about and leverage your passion for incredible and massive growth in your life. Otherwise, life is simply boring. I tried to find my passion for years. I had so many things I was interested in and this made me feel so confused. Over time, I have realized finding your passion can be the most beautiful thing but it can also be the most frustrating process if you don’t know how to go about it.
What exactly is passion? The Merriam Webster dictionary defines passion as a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. Do you have a strong feeling of enthusiasm about what you are currently doing?
You need to discover what makes you come alive. What makes you tick? What keeps you awake in the middle of the night? What gets your inner juices flowing? The journey to finding your passion (and yes it is a journey not a destination) can be so exciting and scary at the same time. It is your duty to discover and leverage your passion in the greatest possible way.
Create Engagement
Marie Forleo says clarity comes from engagement not thought. You need to stop thinking and start doing. You have conducted your feasibility study for way too long. Volunteer at your favorite charity or company. Join a Toastmasters club. Join a local band in your area. It is in engagement you find your passion.

“Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you”. – Thomas Jefferson

My brother is 25 right now. He has a BSc in Banking and Finance and a Masters degree in Finance. He is currently discovering things about himself he never knew he could do through the process of engagement. He just finished writing a movie script and I have to say it is really great. He never knew he could write.
Leverage Your Passion
Explore. Be open minded. Create engagement. Help someone. Your passion will become clear through engagement and exploration. Don’t overthink it. Don’t waste time. Find your passion. I would like to give you three ways you can leverage your passion.
Increase your variety of experiences
Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in a rut. The more experiences you have, the more creative you will become. You need to read books and articles as well as videos, podcasts, movies not only in your line of work but also in other areas. If you are into personal development, explore information on fashion and travel as well.
Learn how to sell
The ability to sell is the most important skill you will ever acquire for massive growth in life and business. No matter how great your product or business is, if you don’t know how to sell it, you will not be able to be successful at it. Take courses and seminars on sales and marketing. Also remember that the people you sell to can feel your passion so ensure you are passionate about your products and business. Passion is contagious.
Spend more time with yourself
There are so many things within you begging to be discovered and manifested. Spending time with yourself helps you get to know yourself much better. Orison Swett Marden said it so profoundly:

Deep within man dwell those slumbering powers; powers that would astonish him, that he never dreamed of possessing; forces that would revolutionize his life if aroused and put into action

Awaken those powers deep within you. However, be patient and take it one day at a time. Let it unfold gradually and naturally.
I would love to hear from you. What phase of life are you in now? Are you in the process of finding your passion or have you begun to leverage your passion? Please leave your comments in the comments section.

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