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How to Design a Small Living Room

Now, let’s be honest most houses in Lagos state now at days come with small living rooms. What with the cost of building materials now, everyone can’t afford to build a mansion to live in.
In this light, designing a small living room is one of the trickiest things to do. You will have to deal with seating option, style choice, and furniture. Here are some ideas that will help you out. Let’s get started.
1) Use mirrors and wallpaper:  Create an illusion of space by positioning the mirror to face the window to give the impression of an extra window.
Tip:  Place the sofa on the papered wall with matching side tables and a lamp beside it.
2) Use hidden storage:  Pick furniture that can be used for storage to reduce clutter. Using a trunk as a center table is perfect.
3) Use small sized furniture: Make good use of the small space you have by incorporating small chair and sofas.
4) Ceiling trick: Take advantage of high ceilings if you have one. You can draw attention upwards to the ceiling which makes the room seem larger by placing artworks or frames high up against the wall or using drapes that flows down from the ceiling.
5) Add plants: Place you plant pots or vases in corners or the chairs. They also add some depth to a small room.
6) Use multipurpose furniture: When setting up a small living room, make the best use of every furniture piece. Make sure all most of the pieces have alternative uses.
7) Go “invisible”: Use a glass or acrylic piece because the take up zero optical space.

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