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Get Up and Over It

We often imagine life to be a bed of roses…but it sure isn’t. Low and off peak moments interjects to knock you off your lane or plans. In those periods of grieve, pain and hurt, when it seems we have failed, nothing is working and we are stuck only on negativity. How we handle these moments is really important for the outcome of these periods have birthed winners, history makers, champions and conquerors, even failures.
To help overcome in these moments, I will recommend the following challenges. Yes, I call them challenges because in those moments, it will be very difficult to have rational thoughts, talk less to act rationally. So you need to challenge all irrationality to do that which seems to be the impossible at that time.

  • Stay Thankfully Positive

“In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18. As a Christian this is one of the most difficult commands of God to remember and to obey. It is tremendously difficult to look past our grieves, pain, pressing problems and challenges but then, aside being a godly expectation, it is also important to remain thankful with a positive outlook as it reminds you that, things were once good, and it certainly means they will be great again. Easier said than done! I suggest you read this article ‘But I don’t feel Thankful‘ by Nkem Offonabo. It offers a great perspective on the understanding of Thanksgiving in impossible times. Seeing God’s blessings when we are hurting or grieving is almost impossible, but believe me, that is when God is closest…look a little closer, you will see his blessings even in those moments. Find them, stay focused on them, be thankful and encouraged by them, I promise you, your peace will increase in the midst of the tribulations.

  • Its time to get on your knees.

When those off peak moments come knocking, don’t be utterly discouraged. It’s time to pray more, effectually and fervently! Prayer has been an age-long fallback. Pray when your hope is lost even though you will feel too burdened to pray or communicate with God at that point. Be encouraged and remember God’s ever faithful words. Prayer always leaves me happier, renewed and better equipped with the clarity to forge ahead. Do well to hand over the situation to the highest power, GOD. Speak about what you will rather see happening and what you do not want to see again. Say it, confess it, there’s great power in spoken words! When you keep saying it, consistently, you will get to that point when you feel like you have exchanged the sadness with peace and a hope so great you can practically see things begin to change. So yes, Pray!

  • We all need someone to lean on.

Talk to someone. A problem shared is a problem almost-solved. Find and talk to someone with a listening ear and an encouraging word. There are certainly people around us whom we feel safe with. When we talk to them, they listen, we hear the truth, we are encouraged and we can actually smile., even dare to laugh in the light of your situation. Find that one person! They come in varying forms, a colleague, friend, sister, mother/father, brother, spouse..the list is inexhaustible. Yet, while it helps to share the problem with someone, always go to God with the situation first.
While at it, limit time spent with negative person(s). This is the period to redefine your relationships, some people in your circle may be harmful to your well-being because of the negative energy they exhume. If they make you feel less of yourself, unappreciative of the situation you are in or suffocate your dream then, its time to draw the line. True friendship offer support, unwavering loyalty, firm collaborations and positive energies.

  • Encourage yourself, no one else will do a better job

Find that strength from within to encourage yourself. You may or may not have friends to lean on, sometimes you just have to be your own best friend, adviser, coach or hero. Here are ways to do this:-
– Reconnect with good times. Find those things that has gone so well in your life, it could be your health, career, family, etc and be encouraged that you are not a failure..
– Encourage yourself with the word of God.
– Worry less
– Seek out good recreation and healthy lifestyle (travel, reading, music, exercise, hobby, etc)

  • Never give up, accept what you can’t change and move on

Whatever happens, do not give up on yourself, take the time to to do a reassessment. Criticize yourself, re-strategise, re-brand and RE-ATTACK. Never give up on yourself or your dream. You can only arrive at your destination if you are persistently pushing! PUSH with all you’ve got! The moment you STOP pushing, that’s when its over, not when you fail. Failure for me means ‘dare to try again’.
Should the situation be beyond your control, something you can not change, let it go and find peace. If you need to let out the emotions by all means do, cry, shed the tears, wipe your eyes, dust yourself up and move on. Trust God and His will for your life  and just like the saying goes, “Keep calm, and carry on. As inevitable as difficult moments may be, you can overcome and come out bettered by it. Work towards not being consumed by it but towards getting over it.
Remember, this too shall pass!
Written by Ugochinyerem Opara for HOME WORTH INTERIORS

Nkem Offonabo
Nkem Offonabo
Nkem is the Founder/CEO, HomeWorth Interiors Concept Limited and Lead Editor, Crown Musings. A lifestyle blog community focused on helping others become the best version of themselves. She's passionate about decor, fashion, travel, wealth creation and empowerment. She believes that every individual is unique and has potentials for greatness if nurtured properly. She hopes to use her blog community to empower, encourage and transform lives and ultimately help people become the best version of themselves. Website: | Blog: | Email:
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