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Freedom – The Courage to Dream

Do you have a dream in your heart you dare not have the courage to dream?  Do you yearn for something deep within you but it seems way out of your reach?
I know what it is like to dream and yearn but the more you dream, the more the dream seems unreachable. People in your life ask you constantly to give up on your dream and jump on the bandwagon. You are told constantly about other people who had dreams and made no money out of it or ended up living off their families and friends. The conclusion of the story would be give up, pack up and move on with life.
So how do you have the courage to dream? How do you find the courage deep within you to dream and actually act on your dream? Walt Disney, a pioneer in the American animation industry said ‘all our dreams can become true if we have the courage to pursue them’.
Abraham Maslow invented a theory which is known as the hierarchy of needs theory. This hierarchy moves upwards through five stages from physiological/basic needs to safety needs to social needs and esteem needs and finally, self actualization needs.
I dare say that without having the courage to dream, you will not be able to attain the highest level in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory which is self actualization. Courage gives you the confidence you need to dream and not just dream but act on your dreams.
Anthony Robbins speaks of dreams in his book ‘Awaken the Giant Within’. Write your dreams and goals from personal development goals to career/business/economic goals. Don’t think of how you would achieve them or if they are possible; just allow yourself to dream. Be a kid again who knows anything is possible and just write out your wish list no matter how crazy or impossible it might seem.
On writing out these dreams, you will find out the multiple ideas you have within you. Every successful business today started with an idea but these business people had the courage to dream.
I use an acronym for myself when I feel afraid and I need to find the courage to dream.

My acronym is JUMP. Literally JUMP.

1) J – Jot down your goals and dreams. Write down what you have in your heart.
2) U – Use what you have at your disposal and what is available to you right now.
3) M– Move towards the realization of your dream. Don’t stay stuck in dream mode. Take action!
4) P – Persevere until you achieve your dream. Don’t give up no matter the obstacles or challenges.
You can achieve your dreams if you have the courage to dream. I have always had a dream about having a platform in which to inspire and nurture people but I didn’t have the courage to dream about actually having the platform. I now have the courage to dream and I am achieving my dream gradually.
I would love to hear from you on how this post inspired you to dream again. Please post your comments in the comments section.
Dedicated to your success!

Founder and CEO of My Savvy Mind
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