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Write something about the company’s mission/vision and your expectations of the employee.
“Following our recent discussions, we are delighted to offer you the position of [POSITION TITLE] with [COMPANY]. When you join [COMPANY], you will become part of a passionate team of young innovators dedicated to delivering world-class services to our clients. As a member of the team, we would ask for your commitment to deliver outstanding and quality results that exceed client expectations. In addition, we expect your personal accountability in all the products, actions, advice and results that you provide as a representative of the Company. In return, we are committed to providing you with every opportunity to learn and grow­ to the highest level of your ability and potential. We are confident you will find this new opportunity both challenging and rewarding. The following points outline the terms and conditions we are offering.”
Clearly state the job description and key performing indicators (KPI) and any reporting, supervising lines.
“[POSITION TITLE] is responsible for managing a comprehensive group of programs and reports to [INSERT REPORTING LINE TITLE]. You will implement and facilitate programs to drive overall business growth. S/he will be responsible for activities pertaining to interdepartmental processes, personnel, finance, and contracts – as well as operational aspects of research, sales and marketing.”

  • KPI 1
  • KPI 2
  • KPI 3
  • KPI 4
  • KPI 5

Commencement Date

Your employment will commence on [Insert starting date].

Terms of Employment

This includes all the salary, terms of the position and should include probationary period.


Your salary is at a rate of (insert salary amount).
“Basic Salary. Your starting annual base salary will be [INSERT BASE AMOUNT, LESS TAXES] per month, paid on the last working day of each monthly.”
“Hours of Work. Your normal hours of work per week will be as follows: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm. You shall be required to work additional hours at such times as reasonably necessary for the performance of your duties. [INCLUDE IF ADDITIONAL PAY WILL BE MADE FOR OVER TIME].”
“Benefits. [COMPANY] provides a very competitive benefits package for its eligible full- time employees. If you are expected to travel in connection with your employment, [COMPANY] will reimburse you for reasonable business expenses incurred in connection with your employment.”
“Medical Benefits. [COMPANY] will reimburse medical expenses up to [STATE COVERAGE OR  HMO COVERAGE].”
“Annual Vacation. You are entitled to [NUMBER OF DAYS] of annual leave every year. If you do not use your allotted annual leave before the end of the year, your balance rolls over to the next year. In reverse if you take more than the allotted leave, days will be subtracted from the subsequent years.”
“Maternity/Paternity/Adoption Leave. The maternity/paternity/adoption leave policy is a paid leave associated with the birth of an employee’s own child or the placement of a child with the employee in connection with adoption or foster care. Maternity/paternity/adoption leave is not charged against the employee’s other paid leave credits, and the amount of paid days received is [STATE NUMBER OF DAYS]. The paid leave is compensated at the following levels:

  • Less than one full year of service – 40 percent of salary.
  • After one full year of service – 60 percent of salary
  • After five full years of service – 100 percent of salary.”

You may choose to include other benefits that the Company will provide for the role, for example:

  • Internet
  • Company Phone/Line
  • Automobile
  • Housing/Accommodation
  • Commission/Bonuses


You can also state under which conditions the Company may choose to terminate the employees’ services.
“The minimum period of notice required to be given to the employer by the employee is [STATE NUMBER OF DAYS]. If no period of notice is given, a period of notice equal to the employee’s usual pay period is deducted from the employee’s last pay.”
“Proprietary Agreement and No Conflict with Prior Agreements. As an employee of [COMPANY], it is likely that you will become knowledgeable about confidential and/or proprietary information related to the operations, products and services of [COMPANY] and its clients. Therefore, you will be required to read, complete [COMPANY] Employee Confidentiality and Proprietary Agreement and return it to [COMPANY] on or prior to your Employment Start Date. In addition, [COMPANY] requests that you comply with any existing and/or continuing contractual obligations that you may have with your former employers. By signing this offer letter, you represent that your employment with [COMPANY] shall not breach any agreement you have with any third party.”
“Code of Ethics. [COMPANY] is committed to creating a positive work environment and conducting business ethically. As an employee of [COMPANY], you will be expected to abide by the Company’s policies and procedures including, but not limited to, [COMPANY] Standard Operating Procedure documents (SOPs), Code of Ethics and Corporate Governance Guidelines.”
“Background Check. Upon signing this offer letter you vow that all information provided to [COMPANY] or its agents with regards to your background are true and correct.”
Welcome the new employee and if there is any other information that is required before the employee’s start date, include it here.
“We look forward to you joining [COMPANY]. Please indicate your acceptance of this offer by signing where indicated below. We wish you a long and rewarding career with us.”
(Insert Manager’s name & Position Title here)
I, (insert Employee’s name here), accept the terms and conditions of this contract.
Signed: ______________________________________________
Dated:  ________________________________________

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