Dry-cleaning: Save More, Look Good

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Dry-cleaning: Save More, Look Good

Dry cleaning is a cleaning method used to cleanse sensitive and delicate fabrics that cannot stand the thorough washing of a machine wash. It uses a chemical solvent other than water and the usual solvent selected for dry cleaning is tetrachloroethylene also known as “perc.” It is a gentler method compared to hand washing.
For many students, workers and business owners, dry cleaning your clothes is an expensive intention. Especially for business people, the need to have suits properly cleaned may seem set as it relates directly to their professional appearance. However, with some effort, you sure could be saving money and looking good.
I hope you find the below tips helpful.
– Don’t buy clothes that need dry cleaning
Try and purchase clothes that you can wash at home and less expensive instead of fabrics such as wool, silk, cashmere etc that must be dry-cleaned no matter what. Cotton, chiffon, satin and lace dress or shirts are easy to wash and dry at home with minimal ironing.
– Wash at home
Most fabrics that say dry-clean can actually be cleaned normally. For example, Rayon can be washed at home as long as you it in warmer water to avoid shrinking.
Buy a home dry cleaning kit. These kits are expensive when compared to normal detergent but they provide a good substitute to taking your clothes to the dry-cleaners. Use the kit to pre-treat stains and put clothes in a “dry cleaning” cloth or bag and run in the dryer. The steam generated will reduce wrinkles and the pre-treatment handles most stains.
– Care for dry cleaned clothes correctly

  • Cleaning such clothes annually is enough unless worn against the skin. Unless the item is worn against the skin, cleaning it annually is generally enough.
  • Remove your dry clean only clothes on time after use.
  • Use a clothes brush to take out any surface dirt and ensure that they set correctly when hung.
  • Let the item air out for a day or two before you return to the closet.
  • With proper maintenance dry clean only clothes can last a long time.

– Use the cleaners
Eventually, you will still need to have your dry-clean only clothes cleaned professionally no matter how well you take care of your clothes. Before you go into any store, you should;

  • Get suggestions from your colleagues and friends as to which dry-cleaners do the best job for the lowest price.
  • Get a dry-cleaner that offers discounts generally and especially if you clean for more than a certain number of times.
  • Reduce the frequency at which you use the cleaners.
  • Keep searching for cheaper alternatives to reduce expenses.
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