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    How does one strike the balance between personal and professional life. Can you please advise on how to juggle it all?

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      @oyindamola1 – The inventory for both are different. Determine what the components of a successful personal comprises of and what that of  a successful biz life is as well.

      When this is done, it’s easy to then check in terms of time, effort, finance, emotions, which is taking more.

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    I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but funding/sponsorship is very hard to come by especially in this economy. I have also considered partnering with some of my friends, but truthfully, I do not think they will be passionate enough about my own dreams as they have theirs. I would like to start a recreation and spa services. Maybe I should just keep saving up on my own. Can you kindly advise?

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      @Ladun – Yes, funding is tough now but that’s not to say that you cannot get it  if you have a great business idea.

      Synergy, collaborations are the fastest and most cost effective ways of starting a biz now as all the stake holders bring things to the table.

      Where we often go wrong is, going in without proper documentation, spelling out expectations and equity share.

      Believe in what you’re doing and keep working on the plan.

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    What are the steps involved in making a  comeback after experiencing a sharp comeback in a business that just started.

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      @kenelight – It’s really hard to experience a set back as a start up especially when one has anticipated  things to go smoothly. However,  every biz must protect itself both financially and emotionally because challenges are inevitable. CONVICTION, that’s the why of the biz?? The strong reasons a biz has been set up can resuscitate it when it’s at its lowest ebb.

      Passion, determination,  resilience and a good support system are good fuel required for a strong COMEBACK

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    I’m trying to start a music career, but I get really scared when I’m in front of people. How do I overcome stage fright. Thank you for this opportunity.

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      Practice, practice, practice!
      Practice in front the mirror till you have everything down to a tee; that gives you the confidence you need. Half the confidence you require is built when you’re sure of your stuff .
      Lastly, something I do, I pretend everyone in my audience is on the toilet bowl. You cannot imagine how that cracks me up.

      You can do it!!
      Tell yourself so!

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    How well can I deal with challenges for example,being a wife, mother and having a career? how do I balance them all.

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      We are only able to deal with things as well as we are equipped to. What are the priorities and goals you have set for each of these areas?

      All these areas you mentioned are very rewarding roles, but you need to write out what your vision for these areas are.

      I had said before that all areas of our lives are balls we juggle and cannot get tired of juggling because the moment we take our eyes off, a ball may drop. Also, conserve your energy for your priorities.

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    I have a strong passion for fashion, Every time I take a step towards learning n improving on my skills, there will always be a distraction.
    Presently, my work is very demanding and is sapping all my time cos i work on Saturdays.
    I have the urge to equip myself enough and start on my own and I only think this can only be realistic if I quit my Job and that I cannot do for now.
    What can I do to achieve my goals?

    Thank you.

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      I feel you on not being able to quit your job because it would be tough in the INTERIM to meet your financial obligations. This is something I want to speak to, we all need to start something however small before we quit work. It makes transition easier.

      You would have to create that “time out of no time”. This being the sacrifice you make for your future and financial freedom. Sometimes we can negotiate a reduction in salary to help free us some time. As tough as this is, remember that it’s a SACRIFICE, and the rewards of the sacrifice you will reap.

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    Good afternoon. I am a visual artist and musician (instrumentalist), just relocated to a new environment. I have been unable to find expression in this new environment following my passion owing to the fact that I have other responsibilities which are taking the most of my time. I feel empty inside of me. What can I do to find myself?

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