*COMPETITION* Mission Impossible 6 Premiere

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    Pink Network Web Admin
    25th July 2018 at 1:51 PM #12889


    #Pink Network & #Keystone Bank are bringing you the premiere of the action blockbuster #MissionImpossible6 at @GenesisCinemas this #Friday.


    As a treat, we are giving out free tickets to watch the movie to the first two fans who can correctly answer the questions below:


    1. What does P.I.N.K. stand for?
    2. What date (dd/mm/yyyy) was the Pink Network launched and the venue?
    3. What women empowerment award did we win this year (2018)?


    Post your answers below, before 6:00PM today Wednesday 25th of July 2018. #MI6 #Fallout #GenesisDeluxe #TGIF #PinkNetwork #MoviePremiere #KeystoneGiveAway

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