08 Jul

I know it can be scary sometimes when that time comes to get your client to conclude on a contract and seal the deal. It all depends on how the foundation has been laid which includes discovering the need of your client and finding a way to meet that need. There are definitely tips for closing deals even if you don’t see yourself as a super sales person.
Check out these easy tips for closing deals:
•    Speak with the Decision Maker
Make sure your contact in the company is the person that makes the decisions. If you are permanently in contact with the wrong person, the deal has a very slim chance of ending well. So, if you find yourself in this position, ask to be introduced by your contact to the decision maker.
•    Give a Deadline
Some clients might be indecisive and one way to deal with them is to tell them that your service will not be offered after a particular date.
This is a very risky move because if the client does not decide as at the stipulated time given, they automatically assume they can no longer do business with you. It is also a sensible move as you are able to classify your prospects, identify those who you need to let go of and gives you room to chase other businesses.
Know when your customer needs your product/service.
Once you find out when your customer needs your services, then you can take advantage of that information and establish the need for speed in their decision making. Also emphasize on the fact that you understand exactly what they want and how you can deliver by the stipulated time given. Remember to mention other companies that you have done similar projects for and how pleased they were.
Use a threat
Businesses increase their prices every now and then and this can serve as a fantastic way to close deals too. Start to inform your clients of your plans to increase prices 3 months before then. Your clients will prefer to stock up your product to last them a while, knowing they will buy it for a higher price in the nearest future and they will appreciate you for the advance notice.
What to do after you get the YES:
Once your client has agreed to do business with you, then move fast to close the deal.
The first thing to go is to put your contract down on paper. You want to do this as quickly as possible because you don’t want to give room for your clients to have second thoughts.
Don’t play tricks. Make sure you deliver exactly as you have promised in your contact. This will help you build trust and make your client want to do business with you again.
Exhibit these following qualities and become a better deal closer:
•    Be passionate about closing the deal
•    Believe that the deal will be sealed
•    Be sincere with your client
•    Talk slowly and clearly
•    Ask questions; know exactly what your client wants
•    Give examples during the closing process
•    Don’t argue with your client
•    Be persistent in a polite way
•    Leave your client happy


  1. Great tips for aspiring businesswomen like me. I particularly like the point about meeting with a decision maker, in my experience negotiations take so long to close out on because people always say “I will get back to you” or “They haven’t approved”.

    Grace001 9th July 2015

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