Christmas is around the corner – START SHOPPING EARLY!

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Christmas is around the corner – START SHOPPING EARLY!

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, you will notice that prices of goods and services will start to go up. This occurs every year and I am sure regular shoppers are used to this trend.
It is important that our wives and mothers start to get ready and prepare for the festive period. Now is the time to shape how we want the holidays to turn out.
Find below some useful tips on shopping as the festive period approaches:
• Have  a budget
In order not to be broke by January, take out some time to set a budget. This will then become your shopping guide at the market.
The important things to note when setting your Christmas budget are:
– Amount budgeted specifically for the festive period
– Needs
– Wants
• Make a list
Make a list of all the items to be purchased for the festive period. I mean everything and they must all fall within the budget.
Make your list in such a way that your needs (things that are necessary) come first on the list, followed by your wants (things you can do without).
• Stick to the budget
When shopping, make sure not to buy anything that is not on your list. Also, buy the items in the needs section first before buying items under the wants section.
After buying your needs, you can go ahead and prioritize your wants list and shop for the important ones; that is if you still have some money left. You should also not borrow in order to buy any item on your wants list.
Ultimately, do not overshoot the budget.
• Shop now, save more
Please, do not wait till two days before Christmas before you start shopping because:
– It will be stressful due to the last minute rush
– You will not be able to budget and plan properly
– You will spend more getting goods and services
You will be amazed over how much you will be able to save with little or no stress.

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Pink Network Web Admin
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