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Business Cocktail Etiquette

In the business world, networking is the ultimate. Most of the networking in the business world happens at business cocktail parties and functions. The most important thing at such events is to create and leave a great impression with the people you meet there.
The main aim of attending these types of events is not to have fun only but to WORK!
You might just meet someone that will turn your life or business around. Your network is your NET-WORTH!!!
Use these tips and make the right impression at your next business cocktail party you attend:
– The way you are dressed is be the way you would be addressed. So, what you’re wearing is crucial to your first impression.  Wear appropriate business attire.
– If the dress code states “business casual”, do not go too casual. You never want to be the odd one out at an event.
– Take with you a handful of business cards and put them in a handy business card holder.
– Please, remember to eat before you go. You don’t want to be caught overeating or drinking to stupor.
– Always arrive on time.
– As you enter the venue, get to the side and look around the space, look for the bar, food, and people.
– Decide where you want to go to, move towards there with purpose.
– If you decide to get a drink, hold your glass in your left hand and shake others with your right, (make sure they are dry).
– If you go to the buffet, make sure you eat foods that don’t require you to use your bare hands so they can stay clean.
– When you are ready to socialize, do not approach individuals tied up in serious conversations. Study your environment and locate a cluster that looks receptive in their body language.
– When you locate the cluster, move close, make eye contact, smile and politely request to join them.
– Remember to shake hands with every person in the group, making eye contact while you state your name and theirs too. For example, “Femi, it’s great to meet you.”
– Repeat this with everybody in the group so nobody feels left out.
– Ask simple questions that will help you to know the people. That will then create a platform for other discussions.
– Remember to give out your business cards.
-When you receive a business card, read it from top to bottom. Note the title, firm, and location, which may provide other topics for discussion.

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