The Pink Account, Network & Marketplace – Empowering females mainly through finance, technology and mentorship.

– The Pink Network is an online forum that empowers SMEs, especially female business owners, with FREE Mentorship and Business Clinic Sessions.

– The Pink Marketplace empowers ALL customers of Keystone Bank Limited with an e-commerce enabled marketplace to buy, sell and advertise for FREE.

– The Pink Account is an account designed specifically to meet the needs of female professionals and entrepreneurs by providing features and benefits that ensure success in the home, career and business lives of this core segment. Click here for more benefits of the Pink Account.

Some Benefits…

The Pink Network offers the following benefits:

– FORUM: Participate in our FREE Online Mentorship/Business Clinic Sessions.

– MARKETPLACE: Get a FREE e-commerce store on the Pink Marketplace to buy and sell.

– ADVERTISING: Get FREE Advertising to a ready market of thousands of our fans and followers on social media..

– EVENTS: Get FREE Access Access to Articles, Networking and Empowerment opportunities via the platform, training, exhibitions and more.

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Contact us for more information or technical support.

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– E-mail: contactcentre@keystonebankng.com

– Phone: 0700 2000 3000

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