7 Steps to Getting Honest Feedback.

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7 Steps to Getting Honest Feedback.

In order to grow your business, you need honest feedback from your clients; this will enable you improve your products and provide better services.
Don’t be worried about the negative feedback you might get. Be happy in fact! It will inform you of what you are doing wrong in your business and how to do your business better.
Since you now know the importance of feedback to your business (whether negative or positive), you then need to be very strategic with your process of getting feedback. Note that the major hindrance to getting sincere feedback from your clients, especially if it is negative, is that they will not want to offend you or hurt your feelings.
Majorly, there are three reasons why clients don’t give honest feedback:
1.    They don’t want to damage the business relationship
2.    They want to be  seen as supportive
3.    They don’t even know they are lying to you
This third point is called a “white-lie feedback”. The client is not exactly being deceptive. The client gives a feedback about things that can be easily fixed and does not paint the whole picture; they make you feel everything is okay while the difficult problems are overlooked. A major example is when a client says they love your product when actually they just like it.
Follow these few steps to get honest feedback:
•    Take Criticism:
Accept all of it. I know it is very uncomfortable as a business owner getting negative feedback, but suck it all in because it will provide tools for improvement.
•    Ask Questions:
Most times, your client will not give you any feedback unless you ask the right questions to get honest feedback
Good examples are:
– What do you hate most about my product/etc? –  You are forcing honesty out of your client.
– How can I become the best instead of just good? – What is  missing to become great instead of just good.
– Will you buy it? – know if the client likes or loves your product by asking for a purchase.
•    Look for concealed information:
Read between the lines and look for what they didn’t say. You will get better with this as it takes practice. Sometimes, you will need to make your clients feel comfortable and help them to give you their honest feedback. Let them know you will be able to handle whatever feedback they give.
•    Online Feedback:
Create an avenue where your clients can give their ideas and feedback without going through that awkward moment they spend face to face with you giving their honest feedback.
•    Open up:
Let your client know the future and expansion of your business depends on their honest feedback. So, ask them to be very sincere with you even if they know you will get hurt.
•    Initiate a sale:
Ask your customer to make a purchase. If they are not willing to or do not have a genuine reason why they cannot, they possibly think your goods/services are bad or okay but not WOW.
•    Get your inner clique:
Create a group of few honest people that will never lie to you as long as your business is concerned, no matter what. They will give you feedback on your business on from time to time from a customer’s point of view   e.g. your spouse, children and close friends.

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