6 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Hair Care

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6 Do’s and Don’ts for Healthy Hair Care



Wash your hair regularly. A clean scalp stimulates a healthy scalp, which is the best environment for hair growth. Leave your hair more than three days without cleansing. It will cause excessive oil buildup on your scalp, which can clog the hair follicle and also cause issues like flaking, itching and styling challenges.
Use a detoxifying shampoo once a week for a deeper clean. Look for products that remove residue, boost hair health and oxygenate your scalp. Additives to products such as eucalyptus oil, witch hazel and chamomile extract are ingredients that offer a deeper clean. Use too much shampoo. You only need a small amount to cleanse thoroughly.
Apply shampoo evenly throughout your hair and don’t concentrate on just one area. Be too rough. Graduallry run your fingers through the length of your hair to cleanse. The key word to guide you is gently.
Condition your hair after every shampoo. It is an important step that will make your hair more supple. For ladies who color their hair, using the right conditioner will safeguard against fading and breaking. Use conditioners that contain silicones and parabens. They cause hair to lose its shine more quickly.
Comb the conditioner through your hair to apply and evenly distribute through the ends. Apply heavy conditioner at the scalp and apply richer conditioning products and hair masks near the ends where hair tends to be the driest.
Apply a conditioning mask once a week for deeper hydration and repair, leaving hair lush and shiny. Wash off quickly: Give your conditioner at least 2-5 minutes to fully absorb and moisturize your hair.
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