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5 Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

Here are simple ways to guide you on how to do your makeup if you wear glasses.

  1. Don’t use too much eye shadow: Use neural and light colored eye shadows to allow your eyes pop more behind the lenses. Dark colored shadows can make your eyes seem smaller.
  2. Go for Bold Lips: Since you will be using a neutral eye shadow tone, try combining a bold colour for your lips which will all together brighten the skin and eyes. You can also experiment with lipsticks depending on the type of frames you will be wearing. Try combining a black frame with cherry red or bright pink lipstick, tortoise shell frame with soft plum lipstick.
  3. Eyeliner is very important:  There is a trick to applying eyeliner if you wear glasses. For thick frames, wear thick eyeliner and vice-versa for thinner frames. It is also better to use the gel liners because they are more pigmented and last longer.
  4. Double coat the Mascara:  Especially for days you choose not to wear make-up, make sure you apply at least two coats of thickening mascara. This will separate add volume to your lashes.
  5. Go easy with the Blush: After applying your powder. Enhance your cheekbones by using blush to your cheeks in an upward motion for proper blending.

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Pink Network Web Admin
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  • zain577

    i have always have this attraction to neutral clear screen glasses and women who uses it, though am not a woman thanks for the tips on how to keep the ladies who uses glasses looking healthy and beautiful. I do use glasses too, hoping you come out with glasses tips tips for males,

  • princroy

    Thanks for the tips will share with my sister

  • simeon4real

    Thanks so much for this Tips. They’re not only Useful but also Healthy

  • bello

    Nice one

  • idristolulope

    Wow…nice tips for ladies

  • amara

    Wow what a tip thanks for this you guys are truly empowering women

  • liluche

    Well said…thanks for the tips.

  • ijaybest

    Nice Tips especially for ladies that wear glasses, unfortunately i don’t wear glass.

  • danilo93

    Great tips for the ladies and women
    Hope they take to it

  • ijlaws

    wow! thanks for this info

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