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5 tips for being productive on Monday

For me, Monday is the fastest day of the week but the hardest to get through. The weekend is still rolling off your body, you need to get back to the discipline of the work week and have 5 more days to go before the week ends.
I have compiled below the 5 things that I have seen super-productive, successful people do to make Monday the best day of the week. Read on and see if you agree with me.
1)    Positive attitude: Productive people don’t bother with bad energy. They focus on jubilant productivity from the moment they wake up on Monday morning. Instead of complaining about going to work, they focus on what they have to accomplish and where they want to be.
2)    Make time to organize: Successful people don’t begin their Monday with putting out fires. They understand that organization doesn’t happen miraculously; they must make time to organize themselves. Organization is important to their productivity since a jumbled method will create chaos and put them behind schedule for the whole week. Super productive people take at least one hour Sunday night or Monday morning to get their week prepped. As silly as it sounds, scheduling time for yourself during the week is also necessary. This gives you a prompt during the week to relax and/or take time out for yourself.
3)    Prioritize objectives: As part of tip #2, super productive individuals include prioritize their objectives first thing on Monday. This helps them assess their week and manage their environment and resources appropriately.
4)    Anticipate obstacles: Even with strict scheduling and focus, obstacles are inevitable but productive people know to not become overwhelmed with these obstacles. The always have the end goal in sight and this allows them to work “with” or “around” unscheduled obstacles when they arise.
5)    Line up your allies: This simply means that for those moments when Tip One to Tip Four cannot work, it’s time to utilize your dependable human resources. A colleague or friend that is asked for helped and given adequate time is more likely to be receptive and respond quicker than someone that is jolted into it 5 minutes before the deadline.

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