4 Ways to be a Leader When You Don’t Have a Title

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4 Ways to be a Leader When You Don’t Have a Title

Can you be a leader effectively without a title? Leading without a title means you can still lead even if you don’t have a title. There is a leader in each one of us. We just need to discover the leader within us and develop it. No matter what position you are in, you can be a leader.
Robin Sharma in his book ‘The Leader Who Had No Title’ speaks on the importance of every human being to lead without a title. Have you thought to yourself that you could never lead anyone? Who would listen to you anyway? What do you honestly have to say?
Why would you even dare to be a leader? What is really needed in order to lead? Is it possible to actually have the traits of leadership when you don’t have a title? Robin Sharma also speaks of four different types of people in four different walks of life. The first person was a hotel housekeeper while the second person was a former ski champion now owner of a ski store. The third person was a former CEO of a multi-billion dollar company now pursuing his passion in life – gardening. The fourth person was a masseur.
These four people understood the importance of leading even when you don’t have a title. You could tell yourself you are not in any position to lead. You can’t lead yourself or even consider leading another human being. However, I would like to share with you four ways you can lead when you don’t have a title. You don’t have to be a Chief Executive Officer in order to lead. You can lead from wherever you are and in whatever position you find yourself in.

Give a Helping Hand

The one who helps is always the one on top. Help someone who needs your help today. The borrower is a servant to the lender. When you give a helping hand, you put yourself in the position of leadership. Leadership is truly about influencing people and you influence people when you make a difference in their lives.
You can also help someone by mentoring the person. People are in dire need of strong leadership today. We have too many people who just talk and don’t take the necessary actions. Choose to be different. Mentor someone even if the person does not seem directly linked to you. Let someone be able to say his life was changed because you came into it.

Speak Up

Have you ever been in a situation when you knew you should say something but your mouth just simply refused to open? You were so afraid to speak and at the end of the day, you consoled yourself by saying you were not the leader in that situation. Speak up when you have something to say and when you honestly know there is a need to resolve an issue.
When you speak up especially in situations where everyone else is afraid to speak, you put yourself in the position of leadership. Be bold and speak up for someone today or speak up in a situation today. People will naturally be attracted to you when they see you that you are authentic. Also, the person you speak up for will appreciate you for it.

Be Ahead of the Pack

Be innovative. Don’t be like everyone else. Keep thinking, keep creating. Your ideas and your belief in them will cause you to rise to get noticed. There’s too much of everyone doing the same thing in the world today. Very few people are exploring their creativity.
It takes a lot to dig deep within yourself and bring innovative ideas out of you. However, your innovation and creativity keeps you ahead of the pack. Keep researching and looking for ways to do things better. Don’t say this is how it’s been done forever and this is how it will always be.

Persevere and develop tenacity

One major reason people do not rise to the level of being influential is because they don’t persevere long enough to experience the success of their hard work. Being tenacious causes you to achieve goals many other people would not be able to achieve. Even if you don’t have a title, when you are known for being tenacious, people just know they can count on you.
I remember a certain time a client chose me for a particular job. He insisted I must be the one to do the job because I would do all I could to ensure the job gets done. No matter what happens, the job must get done and the goals must be achieved. Tenacity makes you stand out and be a leader. You are noticed for this and your referrals increase as the man who gets the job done.
You don’t need a title to be a leader. You can lead even when you don’t have a title. Decide today to stand out and become influential. Dare to be different. Dare to be a leader.
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