3 Steps to Attracting and Retaining Customers.

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3 Steps to Attracting and Retaining Customers.

Customers have high expectations about the service or product you are offering to them, and it will be silly to fall short of that expectation.
The current tech world is not helping matters; customers tend to feel everything is possible and for a business owner, operating with a budget, this is not always possible.
The few tips below will help you to satisfy and meet customers’ expectations without breaking your neck:
1. Charm the Right Customers
As the first point of contact to your product, you have the power to draw the kind of customers you want which is all tied to your brand. Deliver exceptional customer service and always carry your customer along till the very end of any transaction.  It is important to remember the key to attracting your target market is genuineness, integrity and a mix of charm. Always put yourself in the customer’s shoes and make your sales the way you want to be sold to. Define who you are in the business and let your customers know exactly who they are transacting with.
2. Understand Your Clients
Once you gain the trust of your customers, their expectation becomes even higher. At this stage, they love your product/service and start to give you referrals.  In case you mess up one way or the other, allow your customer to let out steam and learn from your mistakes. A complaint is a gift, it’s tells you how to do your business better so always be receptive to it. Understand the temperament of your customers and know how to handle them when they are irate.
Constantly check up on your customers, whether in person or by other means of communication. It shows you care about them and that makes them feel important.
3. Learn and keep going
Losing a customer is part of doing business. When this happens, see it as an opportunity to attract better ones. From time to time, categorize the complaints from customers and generate ways of doing business better in order to satisfy your customers.
Carry out routine checks on your customer service, branding, and service delivery to make sure there are no loopholes in your business.

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