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11 Energy saving tips

Many of the private estates in Lagos are now solely providing 24 hours power supply to their residents which have made the power bill for those homes to skyrocket. The residents do not mind this extra incurred cost as they will not have to worry about generators and all the issues that come with it like the stress of getting Petrol, switching it on and YES…the noise.
By making energy-saving choices, you can save power and money without giving up the coziness of the home.
Here are some tips that will guide you in reducing and managing your consumption;

  • Don’t switch things to sleep or stand-by mode!  Make sure things are fully off.
  • Don’t leave things running when you are not using them… turn the TV, computer or sound system off when you go off to do other things.
  • Get rid of excess numbers of appliances. Does your house really need several TV’s?
  • If you want a big screen TV, go for a LCD or LED rather than plasma.
  • Don’t open your windows or door for longer than necessary while the AC is on. This makes the compressor to work twice as much and therefore increase the consumption. This applies to the freezer and fridge too.
  • Avoid the use of automatic change over, anything automatic consumes too much power.
  • Turn of your water heater, microwaves and AC when not in use. They are the highest consumers of energy.
  • Buy product with energy star icon, they are energy savers that will reduce the overall consumption.
  • Put on your water for only 3 to 4 minutes maximum not throughout the day. The thermostat will continue to automatically switch on and off the heater.
  • Hang your clothes on the line to dry instead of using the dyer, it is really energy consuming
  • Don’t use the electric oven unless you really have to.  Ovens take a lot of electricity to heat up.

Remember on weekends you are certain to use twice as much as possible, because everyone is at home. Visitors and relatives will often increase your average daily consumption.
Author: Katherina

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Pink Network Web Admin
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