10 Items never to pack in your check-in luggage.

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10 Items never to pack in your check-in luggage.

When it comes to travelling by air, it is better to travel light which means, check in all your boxes and be left with your hand bag or so. This allows you to enjoy the flight and just breeze through the airports in the case of a transfer flight.

Nevertheless, there are items that you can check in that will stress you out.

Check out the list of things you should keep in your hand bag/ luggage:

1.    Itinerary:  Keep a copy of this in your check-in bag; also make sure that you keep a copy on your phone and computer.  For cases where your bag goes missing or your phone battery is out, keep a copy in your jeans pocket or jacket. You will need all the important numbers, addresses and confirmation numbers etc.

2.    Ticket: Pack this with you in your handbag as you will need it at checkpoints especially if you will be having multiple transfer flights.

3.    Money: In this era of cards I don’t see why you should pack cash in the first place. If you must, please keep it close. Yes! In your hand bag.

4.    Passport: You need to keep your means of identification with you to be able to get through security. Please do not pack this into your check- in luggage. If it ever gets missing, do not give anyone your details besides the police. That could lead to identity theft.

5.    Jewelry: I really do not think you should pack more than needed when it comes to jewelry. Pack your jewelry properly and put them in your handbag. You do not want to leave anything that expensive in your check- in luggage.

6.    Fragile Items: Glassware, Chinaware, and other expensive fragile materials should be in your hand luggage. If they are too heavy to be packed in your hand luggage, you can arrange them to be shipped. Do not trust the luggage handlers completely.

7.    Professional Gear: Do not travel with large amount of gadgets such as cameras, laptop etc. in your check- in luggage.  These items are sensitive and expensive so my advice is for you to get them packed properly and shipped down to you.

8.    Perishables: Don’t pack food with your clothes in your check- in luggage. They can spill unto your clothes and create a real mess. Pack them and check them in separately.

9.    Medication: If your bag gets missing or delayed, you will be without your medication which you are supposed to take at certain intervals. You might not also have access to your check-in bag for many hours which does not allow you to use your medication as at when due. Please always pack these in your hand bag.

10.    Keys: Getting into your house and car is very important even if your check-in bag is delayed or missing. You also do not want the wrong person to be handling your keys so, keep them close.

After packing all of these in your hand bag/ luggage, make room for other items that will make your flight more fun – magazine, wipes, iPod, snacks etc.

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