10 Essentials to pack for your beach vacation.

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10 Essentials to pack for your beach vacation.

Beach vacations are very common nowadays as getaways, destination weddings and honeymoons are fast becoming a holiday trend.
Popular beach vacation destinations are:
•    Maldives
•    Seychelles
•    Ghana
•    Dubai
•    New york, etc.
Whether you are holidaying at a beach in your home country or abroad, it’s still something you need to prepare and pack for.
Here are 10 items that are essential for a beach vacation:
1.    Swim suits, cover ups and hat
You will need your swim suits for swimming in your hotel or chilling at the beach. For ladies who are conservative, and would not like to show too much skin, I would advise that you wear cover ups or get a sarong to wrap over your swim suit. Pack swimsuit of different colours and styles, they will keep you happy.
Minimize sun exposure by wearing a big hat. The last thing you want to bring back from your trip is a sun burn.
2.    Sunscreen
Yes! People with dark skin can have sun burns too and if you have sensitive skin, this can be very painful. Make sure the sunscreen you pack has a SPF level of 30 and above.
*SPF – Sun Protection Factor
3.    Water bottle
Keeping yourself hydrated in a warm environment is very important. You will sweat a lot and you will need to replenish moisture lost. Fill your bottle with cold water and take it with you when leaving your hotel room.
4.    Sunglasses
Your eyes and the skin surrounding it, needs to be protected from sun rays too. So, don’t forget to pack those sunglasses.
5.    Flip Flops
You don’t need fashion shoes at the beach so a pair of flip flops will do. It will protect your feet from sharp objects and the hot sand. They are cheap and easy to pack.
6.    Hair protection
The sun rays can also damage your hair and scalp. So your hat will come in handy. You can also pack a scarf or bandana for days you don’t want to wear your hat. You can apply sunscreen to your scalp and don’t forget to use your conditioner.
7.     Lip gloss
Protect your lips too from the harsh weather and keep it moisturized.
8.    Book or magazine
Pack some of those books you never have time to read and learn something new.
9.    Towel
Make sure you pack more than one. You will use it to cover beach chairs, wipe yourself, or roll it to make a pillow while on the beach.
10.    Camera
Oh yes! This is my favorite. Take photos of everything around you and keep the memories. Be careful to protect your camera from falling into water.
I consider these 10 items as essentials. However, you can bring other items like your iPod, beach mat etc.

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