​​2 Sure Ways To Remove Your Gel Nails Without Ever Stepping Into a Salon

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​​2 Sure Ways To Remove Your Gel Nails Without Ever Stepping Into a Salon

    This is the best method for you if you get the Gel nails frequently. You will need:
    •    A bottle of Polish remover
    •    10 cotton balls,
    •    A roll of tin foil from the kitchen.
    •    Buff the surface of each of your nails with a buffer or a nail file to remove the polish or any shine.
    •    Soak a cotton ball in the polish remover and place it directly on top of your nail.
    •    Follow by wrapping each finger with a small piece of foil. After a while, say like 10 to 15 minutes, the gel nails should slide right off with the cotton ball. If any residue remains stuck to your nail, use the blunt side of your cuticle remover stick to work it off.
    This method is longer than the first and can be used when you don’t have cotton balls and foil.
    •    Get 2 bowls from the kitchen, but let one be slightly larger than the other and fill the bigger bowl with warm water.
    •    Place the smaller one in the bigger bowl and pour some acetone inside. Now, because acetone is highly-flammable, you should never heat it in the microwave or on a stove.
    •    Heat up the solution for one or two minutes.
    •    Buff the surfaces of your nails with a nail file, and then soak your hand inside the acetone. In 10 to 15 minutes, the corners will begin to come loose. As your nails soak in the acetone, take a cuticle remover stick and start to gently loosen the gel on each nail until it all comes off completely.
    Repeat on the other hand, and top off with a generous amount of hand cream and cuticle oil. Your nails will thank you for the TLC.
    Author: Katherina F.


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